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Do you know what you should do if you’re missing teeth? Or if one of your children loses a tooth? If you’d have the gap filled as soon as possible, good for you. Leaving a space in your smile can lead to a number of serious problems. However, there are a few things you should know about dental restorations and the gaps in your smile.

For example, did you know that shouldn’t let your child get an implant until they are teenagers? You see, a boy’s jaw won’t fully develop until they are seventeen while a girl’s jaw won’t finish developing until they are fifteen. If your child is given an implant before there jaw is developed, they could suffer permanent damage. Fortunately, there are other options in the meantime. For instance, you can use partial dentures or a space maintainer. It is important to replace missing teeth because children missing teeth can damage self-esteem and interfere with younger children’s permanent teeth coming in.

Adults on the other hand can generally have an implant at any age, as long as they have good dental health. In fact, replacing missing teeth is extremely important because if the jaw under your teeth has nothing to support, it could decay and cause your other teeth to shift towards the gap. Fortunately, if you aren’t interested in an implant there are many other options available, including bridges and dentures.

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