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Dental lasers are handy tools that you can find in many dental offices today. In fact, they’re so handy that they can help you feel more comfortable in the dental chair and they can also help your dentist, Dr. James E. Gaff, perform a smooth, accurate, and successful treatment.

There are many treatments that can be performed with a laser, including:

-Tooth decay removal: The laser can easily remove the decay from a tooth and it can also prepare the tooth for the necessary filling.

-Gum treatments: As a victim of gum disease, your gums recede and move away from your teeth. Lasers can reshape your gums and give you a more attractive and natural-looking smile.

-Root canal therapy: During a root canal, the laser can remove bacteria from the area to keep it clean and safe.

-Biopsy: The laser can remove a small amount of tissue from your mouth so it can be examined for oral cancer.

-Lesion removal: Lesions and canker sores are painful, bothersome, and inconvenient, but lasers can help by removing the lesions and relieving the pain from canker sores.

-Teeth whitening: Lasers help speed up the teeth-whitening process in the office. The laser will activate the whitening solution by heating the product and enhancing the effects.

When the laser is used for a surgical treatment, it acts as a cutting instrument and it also vaporizes tissue. When it is used to cure a filling, the laser helps the filling completely bond to the tooth. When the laser is used for a teeth-whitening treatment, it quickens the process by heating the whitening solution.

There are many benefits to using lasers in dentistry. One benefit is that it reduces pain during treatments, which also reduces the need for anesthesia. Another benefit is that it reduces anxiety in patients because it takes the dental drill out of the picture. The third benefit is that it minimizes swelling and bleeding during soft tissue treatments. And the last benefit is that it can preserve more of a healthy tooth during cavity removal.

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