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Are you exhausting all of your options when it comes to caring for your teeth and gums? Brushing and flossing are central to good oral health, but there are things you can do to supplement your daily dental routine.

First, the basics: Have you been brushing and flossing daily? Ideally, you should brush your teeth at least 2 times every day and floss at least once every day. Also, it is recommended you use a mouthwash or rinse after meals when you can. Try to avoid snacks between meals as they can raise your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Furthermore, always eat a healthy and balanced diet.

When participating in any contact sports or high-risk activities, protect your teeth and gums by wearing safety equipment as necessary. The better protected your mouth is the better off you will be should the worst occur. If you use tobacco or drugs, it is time to quit.

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