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Dr. James E. Gaff and our team at Dr. James E. Gaff understand how a missing tooth in your smile can affect your self-confidence. To restore a missing tooth, we offer dental implant restoration for our patients in Jacksonville, Florida, wanting to restore their smiles. Dental implants have the ability to replace all of your teeth, several teeth or even just one, according to your needs.

Dental implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth which are securely planted in the jawbone, using dental implants to secure a tooth or teeth in place. Our dentist performs oral surgery to place a biocompatible titanium screw into your jawbone where the missing tooth was previously located. What the titanium screw does is acts as the tooth root by holding your implant in place securely.

While your surgical site heals, the jawbone fuses to the titanium screw. After the healing is complete and the implant is secure, our dentist will attach the tooth onto the post. The type of dental restoration will depend on how many teeth are being replaced. This means you may receive custom-made complete or partial dentures, a bridge or crown. Our dentist ensures that your implant is both comfortable and pleasing to blend in with your smile.

We want to help you achieve the confident smile you deserve and look forward to helping your smile regain its health and function like your natural teeth. Caring for your implants is similar to caring for your teeth, and with good oral hygiene, they will last as long as your own chompers, perhaps longer!

At Dr. James E. Gaff in Jacksonville, Florida, we invite you to call a member of our staff today at 904-641-2655 to find out more about dental implant restoration, or to schedule your next visit with Dr. James E. Gaff.