To prepare for a complex dental treatment, Dr. James E. Gaff may use GALILEOS in Jacksonville, Florida. The GALILEOS is a 3D Cone Beam Scanner that can perform a complete dental scan quickly. This machine automatically generates panoramic reconstructions, which makes the diagnostic process easier for you and our dentist. These panoramic, 3D images will show all of your teeth, roots, gum lines, and any dental issues or imperfections in superior detail.

GALILEOS X-rays are very useful for observing the position of fully grown in teeth and emerging teeth. This makes our 3D Cone Beam Scanner very useful in planning orthodontic treatment. The panoramic images from GALILEOS can identify problems like impacted teeth. They can also help our dentist diagnose serious problems like tumors. GALILEOS 3D images are also useful when planning and performing the surgical placement of dental implant posts. The GALILEOS 3D Cone Beam Scanner can help our dentist during root canal treatment. The scanner can locate even the smallest fractures or other issues in the tooth roots.

The GALILEOS 3D Cone Beam Scanner has many advantages. They are quick and efficient. They are also comfortable. Our patients can stand or sit within the device comfortably. The 3D Cone Beam Scanner makes diagnosis and treatment of dental problems easier and more efficient. The images are clearer and in 3D, providing our dentist with a more accurate and complete view of your mouth.

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