To treat a cavity, Dr. James E. Gaff may place a dental filling in Jacksonville, Florida. Our dentist will remove the decay from your tooth and then fill the area where tooth decay was present. Fillings can also be used to repair cracked, broken, or worn teeth. A filling is made of composite resins, a durable plastic that is the color of teeth, giving patients a natural look. Besides being invisible, composite fillings quickly bond to your natural teeth to protect and increase the overall strength of the tooth being restored. This creates a strong seal to your tooth.

Our dentist will first numb the area around the tooth to be treated with a local anesthetic. Next, he will use a drill instrument to remove the decayed area. The area will be tested to make sure all the decay has been removed. Once completed, our dentist will clean your tooth to prepare it for the filling. Composite fillings are applied in layers and each layer is hardened with a curing light. After the dental filling is in, our dentist will trim off any excess material and polish it.

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