When a patient has crooked teeth or a crowded smile, Dr. James E. Gaff may suggest Six Month Smiles® in Jacksonville, Florida. Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic treatment that has taken the best parts of braces and modified the treatment and materials to give patients a quicker, cosmetic solution. The following are advantages of Six Month Smiles:

  • Treatment time takes only six months, on average
  • Six Month Smiles are nearly invisible because of their clear brackets and tooth-colored wires
  • The results, like that of traditional braces, are conservative and predictable
  • Short treatment time and low forces on the teeth improve comfort and hygiene
  • Six Month Smiles are usually less expensive than traditional braces, invisible aligners, and veneers

Before fitting you with Six Month Smiles brackets and wires, our dentist will take X-rays and impressions of your smile so that the needed movement of your teeth can be calculated as well as where the brackets and wires should be placed. At your next appointment, our dentist will fuse the brackets to your teeth. The brackets come positioned in a tray that allows our dentist to place them precisely where they need to be. Once the brackets are placed, the tray can be removed. Then our dentist will attach the arch wires and adjust them.

We encourage you to contact our office today to learn more and to schedule a consultation.